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One location. Countless quests.

Jungles. Ceremonial Caves. Reefs. Ancient Mayan temples. No matter your desires, you’ll find everything here. Just be sure to remember to take some time off.

At the north of Central America sits Belize, a spectacular country full of cultural and ecological diversity seen nowhere else in the world. Hike the ancient Mayan ruins, lost for centuries to the dense jungles. Swim with the creatures that make up the second largest barrier reef in the world. Explore the beauty of the underground through the caves carved by the country’s rivers.

Visit untouched swathes of jungle, home to the elusive jaguar. Relax along 386 kilometers of coastline staring out over the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean or on one of its over 400 tropical island paradises. Salivate over the locally caught fresh seafood. Dive the world-famous Great Blue Hole and scale Big Rock Falls.

The country’s combination of Garifuna, Mennonite, Chinese, Arab, Creole, Mayan and Mestizo influences has led to a distinct nation full of unique traditions just waiting to welcome you to Belize.

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  • What You Need to Know About Belizean Food and Drinks

      Many visitors arrive in Belize unsure about what to expect when it comes to food and drinks. A true melting pot society, the cuisine in Belize is a harmonious blend of Caribbean, British, African, Maya, American, and Mexican culinary influences. Seafood Fishing is an important part of the Belizean economy, and fisherman bring in hauls of lobster, shrimp, conch, and fish (including snapper, grouper, and dorado/mahimahi) on a daily basis. Fresh Produce Agriculture is also important in Belize and […]

  • Winter in Belize – No Snow, No Problem!

    Although winter might be the season for snow, scarves, and mittens in North America, “winter” means plenty of sunshine and balmy temperatures in Belize. Winter is the perfect time to visit this gem of a nation where more than a third of the land is set aside for protected parks and nature reserves. Winter is the ideal season to enjoy basking in the sun on a beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sampling delicious fresh-caught seafood. One of the most interesting […]

  • 5 Major Archeological Sites in Toledo, Belize That You May Not Have Heard Of

      Belize is home to more than 600 ancient Maya sites, but some of the most impressive of these sites are little known to outsiders. Located in Belize‘s far southern Toledo District, these amazing ancient cities continue to astonish and mystify archeologists. Nim Li Punit  Its original name is unknown, but it’s modern Maya name means “Big Hat” because Nim Lim Punit is home to a large collection of carved stelae, including one of a chieftain in an elaborate headdress or “big hat.” Despite the loveliness of […]

  • Barefoot Services Awarded Belize Gold Standard Status

    Barefoot Services had already been established as Belize’s premier resource for transportation, adventure and cultural tours throughout the country, so when the company was notified that it had been granted “Tourism Gold Standard” recognition just in time for the nation’s reopening to tourists, there was plenty to celebrate at company headquarters.  “We recognize the importance of keeping tourists visiting Belize once the airport reopens on October 1, 2020 safe and healthy, which is why we didn’t hesitate a moment to […]

  • 10 Compelling Reasons to See Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave For Yourself

    Ancient Maya caves dot Belize, but they’re so different, nobody says, “When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” One of the most unique is Actun Tunichil Muknal, the site with such a long name, it was called ATM long before the acronym stood for banking kiosks.  How is ATM different from other Maya sites? For one thing, it’s underground. While most ancient Maya ruins are above ground so visitors get easy access to temples, housing and ballparks, this cave, […]

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