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One location. Countless quests.

Jungles. Ceremonial Caves. Reefs. Ancient Mayan temples. No matter your desires, you’ll find everything here. Just be sure to remember to take some time off.

At the north of Central America sits Belize, a spectacular country full of cultural and ecological diversity seen nowhere else in the world. Hike the ancient Mayan ruins, lost for centuries to the dense jungles. Swim with the creatures that make up the second largest barrier reef in the world. Explore the beauty of the underground through the caves carved by the country’s rivers.

Visit untouched swathes of jungle, home to the elusive jaguar. Relax along 386 kilometers of coastline staring out over the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean or on one of its over 400 tropical island paradises. Salivate over the locally caught fresh seafood. Dive the world-famous Great Blue Hole and scale Big Rock Falls.

The country’s combination of Garifuna, Mennonite, Chinese, Arab, Creole, Mayan and Mestizo influences has led to a distinct nation full of unique traditions just waiting to welcome you to Belize.

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  • Celebrate Independence Day Belize Style!

    Flags fly. Parties abound. So do parades. No nation celebrates its independence like Belize. When countries mark founding dates, not all of them set a celebration “theme” because there’s already much to celebrate. But Belize isn’t “most countries.” This nation is so invested in marking this date, a contest is held throughout the nation to […]

  • August in Belize? It’s the Perfect Month for a Barefoot Road Trip

      How will you spend summer’s end? How about taking that Belize road trip? By August, travelers who took early summer vacations have already forgotten how it felt to relax. The kids aren’t thrilled about school starting in a matter of weeks. Your family deserves a final summer fling to get fall off to a […]

  • Getting To Placencia from Belize City

    Getting to Placencia The Philip Goldson International Airport is located in Ladyville, approximately nine miles north of Belize City. Often referred to as the “international airport” or the “Belize City” airport, the Philip Goldson airport is where all international flights into Belize land. Once on the ground, it’s easy to get from Belize City to […]

  • Beyond the sea: Belize’s Best Jungle Adventures   

      Exploring Belize’s jungles is a breeze with the right tour guides When a small nation like Belize has an expansive coastline and is home to an amazing barrier reef, it gets a reputation for being the place to go for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and other aquatic activities. True, it’s all that […]

  • Visiting Belize With Kids? It’s Easier Than You Imagine

      What’s the secret to taking kids abroad? Finding a destination that delights everyone.  Lots of parents decide to take their children outside the U.S. to broaden their horizons, expose them to other cultures and remind the little ones that the world is a very big place that doesn’t necessarily revolve around them. Depending upon […]

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